Nili-Isabelle-Ringer-Goldfarb-DerbyMom360Nili ‘Isabelle Ringer’ Goldfarb has been a mom since 2013.  A general manager since 2011.  A roller derby player since 2006.  And a crafter and athlete her whole life.  Here in this website she’ll be sharing tidbits that can be relevant to all aspects of a person’s life.  There’s a little bit on a lot of subjects to help be an all-around 360 kind of woman.

MOTHERHOOD – MOSES BENJAMIN My first child was born May 18th, 2013.  Finally a chance to channel all of my energy and all of my talents into a little person of my own!  Moses has brought so much joy and laughter to our family and has been so much fun to be around since the day he was born.  I was never one of those “baby” people but I have been able to funnel all my love for my son into tons of DIY projects that make me feel great and make him happy too.  Win win!

CRAFTS – EVERYTHING I KNOW I LEARNED ON PINTEREST   When I was pregnant with my son I discovered Pinterest.  Changed my life!  My son and Pinterest!  I used to just save things I liked in a bookmark folder.  All of a sudden the word of crafting and creativity and the gathering of the minds were all there in one place with lovely little pictures to remind you what it links to.  Genius.  Here aremy Pinterest boards where many of the projects shared here began.

ROLLER DERBY – SAN DIEGO DERBY DOLLS   In February of 2006, I joined the San Diego Derby Dolls and began what would became a long term passion and later career in the sport of roller derby.   I conduct derby business under the name Isabelle Ringer and have made many contributions to the sport both at home in San Diego and globally as a traveling coach and constant web content contributor.  Check out Derby Resources for more information on my past articles and videos.


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