Derby Mom 360: Nautical Themed Party

Nautical Themed Party Decor

Pinwheels, Boats & Buntings for a Themed Party

For my son’s first birthday, I wanted to do a themed party.  Nothing too cutesy or baby-ish.  Something for a little boy that was also fun for the adults present.  As a woman who loves almost anything that comes in navy stripes or has an anchor on it, I figured nautical was the way to go!

Here are some quick and easy how-to’s in order to host your own nautical themed party whether it be for a birthday or a just a festive summer BBQ.  Each tutorial has nautical themed printables so you’ll need very minimal supplies and design skills to make any of these projects.  Click on the pictures below to get started!

Paper Boats
Paper Boats: Sails & Flags
Pinwheels: Stripes, Anchors & Solids
Bunting: 12 Different Flag Patterns
Cake Topper
Cake Topper: Miniature Bunting

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