racing flags

Mario Kart Party: Racing Flags

Here’s what you’ll need:Derby Mom 360: Mario Kart Checkered Flags
Hole Punch
String/Jute/Ribbon of your choice
Print Derby Mom 360: Mario Kart Checkered Flags on Cardstock

This is a quick and simple way to make any party look more festive! This printable has two pages. The first page is just a traditional black and white checkered pennant. The second page has the golden mushroom that is also featured on the award ribbons. You could do a whole row of either flag or alternate between each. You could use only the first page for any party or even for the background of a photo shoot.

Derby Mom 360: Mario Kart Checkered FlagsI used two flags on the front door to set the mood for our guests. I put a string of eight just over the television to make the racing more festive.


Please share your homemade creations on the Flickr Group. I can’t wait to see them.