Derby Mom 360: Mario Kart Party

Mario Kart Tournament

Looking around the internet I couldn’t find much guidance as to how to throw a home Mario Kart Derby Mom 360: Mario Kart TournamentTournament so it seemed like a good topic to share here.

I hosted this event as an adult dinner party. We did a fully Italian themed potluck complete with dinner, drinks, Mario Kart Wii and a lot of heckling. You could easily substitute out the cocktails and have this party for kids instead. Also, you could skip the tournament play entirely and just use some of these fun elements as an accent to your next Mario themed birthday party.

Derby Mom 360: Mario Kart TournamentThis entry is linked to all the different parts which include tutorials, links and downloads on the following:
Award Ribbons
Single Elimination 12-person Tournament Brackets
Mario & Goomba Construction Paper Decorations
Checkered Pennant Racing Flag Decorations

Enjoy! Hope you have a great party!

P.S. I’d love to see how yours turned out. Post to the Flickr Group to share your creations.


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